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HPOG Success Story: Juanita at Worksystems, Inc.

Published: June 21, 2019
Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG)
Technical Assistance

Juanita smilingTough people have the ability to outlast hard times.

Juanita was facing challenging times when she found out about the Worksystems Inc.’s Health Careers NW program, funded by Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG), in her home of Portland, Oregon. Her curiosity about the program turned into a relationship that fostered a new sense of hope and career opportunities.

Before her HPOG erollment, Juanita had lost her job as a Nursing Assistant and was about to lose her home. She was also dealing with immense personal pressures. Her sick father and two daughters depended on her. Overwhelmed with the challenges she faced, Juanita was looking for a change in her life. She found it when a friend recommended she look into the Health Careers NW program.

Juanita was initially skeptical about the program. Her career goals were buried under a mountain of responsibilities she faced on a day-to-day basis. After a Health Career NW orientation and speaking with a Career Coach, Juanita decided to take a leap of faith and apply for the program. She set a goal to get her Certified Nursing Assistant II (CNA II) certification.

After Juanita was selected for the program, she found that Health Careers NW provides more than healthcare job training. It also supplies a support system that helps participants find stability. While Juanita’s Career Coach worked with her on academic and soft skills development, a program partner, the Economic Opportunity Program, also helped Juanita pay rent. This supportive service was critical to her being able to concentrate on her studies. Health Careers NW also paid for Juanita’s tuition, books, supplies, and transportation costs during her CNA II training.

By the fall of 2016, Juanita had passed her CNA II certification exam and had a job in one of the largest hospitals in the region. It was quite a turnaround for Juanita, who was recently unemployed and facing seeming insurmountable personal and financial pressures. Soon after, Juanita began studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Juanita credits the Health Careers NW HPOG program with providing her the coaching, training, and support to get through one of the toughest periods of her life.

Last Reviewed: June 21, 2019