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HPOG Success Story: Tyler at Buffalo and Erie County Workforce Development Consortium, Inc.

Published: December 13, 2018
Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG)
Technical Assistance

Tyler in his scrubs smilingBuffalo, NY

A breakthrough can come at any time.

Tyler’s breakthrough came after considerable thought and research into a program that would prove to be the gateway to his dream.

After completing a two-year general studies degree at Eerie Community College, Tyler felt lost. He was working at Home Depot to support himself with the hope of earning enough money to one day return to school to complete a four-year degree.

Another year went by, and he realized that if he wanted a chance at a successful future, the time to move forward was now. Tyler had once considered pursuing pharmacy as a career, and when a co-worker brought in an ad promoting the free training offered through HPOG Buffalo, funded by the Health Profession Opportunity Grant program, he decided to apply.

The more research Tyler did, the more interested he became in the career path of pharmacy, understanding that healthcare jobs would always be in demand. He passed the pharmacy training program entrance exam with flying colors.

HPOG Buffalo’s pharmacy training program kept Tyler motivated and moving forward. Every day, his teachers, peers, program staff, and HPOG case manager, reminded him that he was working toward a goal and that there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Once he completed training, Tyler met with an HPOG job developer and career pathways navigator, who helped him revise his resume, provided assistance with interviewing skills, and helped him apply for a few pharmacy technician positions.

He obtained a full-time job at Oishei Children’s Hospital through Kaleida Health, and he loves what he does every day – work no longer seems like work to him. Tyler’s long-term goal is to return to school for either pharmacy, registered nurse, or physician’s assistant training. He will never forget the opportunity he received from HPOG Buffalo.

“I am grateful for the opportunity HPOG Buffalo has given me. I feel it has prepared me for all facets of life.”

Last Reviewed: June 5, 2019