Iva at College of the Menominee Nation

Iva Romans is a woman of valor.

This 54 year old native of the southwest was living in a homeless shelter in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  She began to work and go to school, per the shelter’s rules, and soon completed 14 credits.

Six months later, Iva was accepted into a Health Professions Opportunity Grant program and soon enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant class. Here’s where her determination was tested--Iva spent six hours a day in class, four more at her job and doing homework, plus another five riding public  transportation.

Two months later, when Iva completed her work experience and chose to continue her education, the shelter in which she had been living asked her to leave.

At this point, the HPOG staff sprang into action, providing the wraparound services that allowed Iva to continue her education. They connected her with reliable transportation options and emergency temporary housing. Later, they worked with her to develop a reasonable budget for housing and other living expenses.

Iva independently found an apartment and furnishings and planned to graduate at the end of 2012 with a degree in practical nursing.

While Iva’s tenacity and courage are not unique in Indian Country, what is unique is HPOG’s ability to provide the support that made such a difference in Iva’s future. She brought the essential perseverance and work ethic to the table; HPOG helped create the circumstances for her to excel.

December 13, 2017
Last Reviewed: June 22, 2017