Janetth at Pima County Community College District

Janetth smiles in her uniformTucson, AZ

Janetth has always known that the success of her children depended on her own.

As a single mother, Janetth’s drive is fueled by the desire to build a better life and be a strong role model for her children. She always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Her love of caring for and helping people was evident from an early age.

Janetth knew a career in nursing could give her the chance to provide a higher quality life for herself and her two young daughters.

Janetth saw an ad for HPOG HOPES while reading a periodical at her local library. After conducting some research about the dozens of trainings they offer, she went to an information meeting. She knew she was ready to begin the process of becoming a Medical Assistant (MA). HPOG HOPES didn’t just offer the chance at an education, but also provided access to personalized support services to help her successfully complete her education. Balancing motherhood with school proved to be a challenge. Janetth’s mother agreed to take care of her childcare needs, and HPOG HOPES was ready to step in for the rest. She could focus on school and graduate without major debt. 

Once she started MA training Janetth realized that she wanted to be in a position involving hands-on patient care. HPOG HOPES gave her the opportunity to find her passion through additional training. She enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Pima Community College.

Janetth graduated from the CNA program in November 2017. Immediately after sitting for the state licensure exam, she began working with the HPOG Employment Team. Janetth’s lack of confidence in herself was one of her largest barriers when going into job interviews. The team worked with her on her resume, reviewed position-specific interview questions, and arranged mock interviews until her confidence grew. Within a week of submitting her first application, she got her first interview. She had a job offer the next day.

Janetth was hired by University of Arizona Medical Center-Banner Hospital. The hospital provided on-the-job training to advance her from CNA to Patient Care Technician (PCT), and they support her desire to keep learning. She plans to go back to college to complete a Registered Nurse (RN) program.

“Don’t stop, keep going. It is totally worth it. Give it all you’ve got and don’t hold back.”

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Janetth at Pima County Community College District

January 24, 2019
Last Reviewed: January 24, 2019