HPOG Promising Practice: Montefiore Medical Center–Education, Training, and Support Services

Publication Date: October 18, 2019

Elizabeth Walsh smiles in front of a Grace Outreach signBronx, NY

Strong partnerships with community-based organizations provide enhanced opportunities for healthcare job seekers in New York.

Montefiore’s Health Professions Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program provides education and training to TANF recipients and other low-income individuals for occupations in the healthcare field. Montefiore HPOG partners with Montefiore Home Care divisions, local Home Health Aide training agencies, and a variety of community-based organizations to provide entry to jobs that are expected to be in high demand due to labor shortages. These strong partnerships provide participants a wide variety of high-quality services to help build a healthcare career.

Montefiore HPOG faces unique challenges in helping their participants secure the educational credentials necessary to better traverse healthcare career pathways. Thirty seven percent of their participants have no high school diploma and over 25% declare a primary language other than English.

Montefiore HPOG tapped its partnerships with community-based organizations that share a mutual goal of raising education levels. One such partner is Grace Outreach, a privately funded program dedicated to serving low-income women of all ages who want to pursue higher education and find employment. Together, they established a new High School Equivalency (HSE) basic skills program based on the basic skills programs that brought success to recent Montefiore HPOG’s participants. The relationship between Montefiore and Grace Outreach creates an opportunity to motivate students to complete their HSE and move directly into home health.

In the Spring of 2018, a 13-student cohort was “adopted” by Montefiore HPOG from Grace Outreach. These women participated in a series of workshops ranging from employability skills to healthy marriage and relationship training. All participants completed the HSE basic skills program and sat for the exam. Seven of the 13 participants that took the exam received a GED certificate. One in particular received her GED, enrolled in and completed a HPOG Home Health Aide course, became certified, and is currently working in the home health care field.

The success of Montefiore HPOG’s partnership with Grace Outreach created a repeatable template that is easily replicated with similar educational organizations. This allows them to expand their mission, and make a measurable impact, one enrollment at a time.

Since its inception, Montefiore HPOG has shown consistent success in its ability to enroll participants into healthcare training and provide continued support through completion, certification, and long-term employment. Strong partner relationships have been and continue to be critical to Montefiore’s enduring success.

“Remaining goal oriented can be difficult when there isn’t a clear plan in place but HPOG has helped show interested students that path.”

— Elizabeth Walsh, Director of Career Programming and Partnerships, Grace Outreach

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