HPOG Success Story: AB at Volunteers of America Texas

Publication Date: February 13, 2018

AB smiling by a Volunteers of America Texas sign

Houston, TX

Sometimes survival is a matter of self-care.

After spending her life caring for others, AB partnered with HPOG to finally focus on herself.

AB was living in a two-bedroom subsidized housing complex with her mother and five siblings in New Orleans. As one of the eldest siblings, and with her mother working a minimum-wage job to support everyone, she was often called upon to help run the household.

She encouraged and motivated herself to strive for a better life, and simply did the best she could to survive. As a teenager, AB had to drop out of high school in order to work and help take care of her siblings. After moving to Houston she was able to find a minimum wage job. She always had a desire to obtain a career that had the the potential for growth to provide her with more than basic living standards.

After countless hours of WorkForce office visits searching for suitable long-term employment, AB met a job coach who referred her to Volunteers of America Texas (VOA TX) HPOG Visit disclaimer page , funded by the Health Profession Opportunity Grants program. In the fall of 2016, she attended her first orientation session and immediately knew she was on the right track.

It was an easy decision to apply for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program. Upon learning she had been accepted, she was overcome with excitement and concern because she did not have a high school diploma. So, her next step was to complete a GED program.

It took many long days and sleepless nights, but after just eight weeks, she obtained her GED and shortly thereafter began her CNA training. AB quickly made numerous friends and became an instructor favorite. Her HPOG coach provided continuous supportive services helping to balance her work and school schedules, and find reliable childcare for her children.

AB completed her CNA training and with the help of a job navigator, provided by the HPOG program, she secured a job at Texas Children’s Hospital. She is currently awaiting acceptance in a surgical tech program at the local community college as a career bridge from her CNA certification.

“I dreamed it, and with the help of Volunteers of America Texas, I achieved it.”

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