HPOG Success Story: Byanca at Rogue Community College

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

Grants Pass, OR

Southern Oregon HOPE

Medical assistant sets an example for daughter

Byanca moved to Southern Oregon to escape a bad marriage. Prior to her move, she worked as a seamstress to make ends meet, having learned how to sew from her grandmother as a young girl. While she was very skilled at doing piecework, making formal dresses and doing alterations, she knew she needed to make a change. As an unemployed single mother, she wanted to improve her life and better support her child.

A few of Byanca’s siblings work in the healthcare industry, and they encouraged her interest in the field. At the prompting of her big brothers and sisters, she attended a Southern Oregon HOPE Visit disclaimer page (SOHOPE) orientation. She learned that with SOHOPE support, she could earn a certificate leading to a well-paying, reliable job in healthcare. After being accepted into the SOHOPE program, she completed her prerequisites and enrolled in the Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) training program.

As the course progressed, Byanca gained confidence despite barriers such as being a single parent and a non-native English speaker. Her SOHOPE case manager recommended she take extra writing classes, which helped her English grammar improve. As Byanca’s skills grew, she found she had more grit and determination than she previously thought.

Byanca completed her MAA program in late 2019. As part of her training, she did a practicum at a gastroenterology clinic. They were so impressed with her, they hired her for a full time position immediately after she finished the program.

Byanca’s four-year-old daughter benefits from her hard work and commitment. She has a more stable financial future, a happier and fulfilled mom, and a great example of working hard for something she wants.

Byanca gained the assurance and experience to know she can be successful. Her new goal is to become a registered nurse.

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