HPOG Success Story: Evelyn at Alamo Colleges District

Publication Date: April 28, 2021

San Antonio, TX

Alamo Colleges Health Profession Opportunity Grants

Focusing on a brighter future

Evelyn, a single mother of four children, found a new direction for her life after she lost her job. Facing unemployment, she refused to let a temporary setback prevent her from providing for her family. The road ahead would be difficult and the rewards would not come easy, but Evelyn was determined to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

Evelyn and her family were living in public housing when she was fired. At the time, she was enrolled in the San Antonio Housing Authority’s (SAHA) Family Self-Sufficiency program. Evelyn explained her situation to the property managers and they referred her to an Alamo Colleges District Health Profession Opportunity Grants (Alamo HPOG) Visit disclaimer page information session. As soon as Evelyn learned about Alamo HPOG and the support offered by the program, she knew she had found her calling. Her journey to self-fulfillment and financial independence had begun.

Exploring a career in healthcare was not a new idea for Evelyn. For years she cared for her brother who suffered from muscular dystrophy. In the process, she developed an affinity for helping others. Evelyn felt this was her chance to finally pursue her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. On October 15, 2018, Evelyn entered the medical assistant training program at the Eastside Education & Training Center.

Throughout her training, Evelyn received invaluable help from Alamo HPOG, such as childcare, tutoring support, emergency aide, and transportation assistance. However, other challenges threatened to derail her ambitions. She missed two weeks of training when her son fell ill with pneumonia and ended up in the Intensive Care Unit. The stress was enough to make her consider giving up her studies. Evelyn's HPOG instructors and case managers encouraged her to persevere through these obstacles. When things got difficult, Evelyn thought about making a better life for her and her children. “Something good has to come out of this,” she told herself.

Despite challenges and setbacks, Evelyn completed her medical assistant training, and a 120-hour externship at Methodist Specialty Transplant. In June 2019, Evelyn passed her National Healthcareer Association medical assistant certification. The hospital’s liver transplant unit hired her a week later where she remains happily employed. Evelyn is on track to complete the SAHA Family Self-Sufficiency program this year and plans to continue her education to become a Registered Nurse.

“The HPOG staff really helped me a lot and wouldn’t let me give up.”

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