HPOG Success Story: Faith at Community Action Project of Tulsa County, Inc.

Publication Date: March 1, 2018

Faith smilingTulsa, OK

What’s in a name? In Faith Jones’ case, the answer to that question is self-evident.

Faith’s unwavering belief in herself allowed her to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Now, her engagement with HPOG allows her to start fulfilling her true potential.

Before she began her journey with HPOG, Faith was a self-described “broken shell person.” Extricating herself and her two children from an abusive marriage took a toll on Faith financially and emotionally. Her issues were compounded by the fact that she had very little work experience. A steady stream of job rejections left Faith shaken and in a precarious situation, worrying about the future for her kids.

One day, Faith noticed a sign for the CAP Tulsa Early Childhood Program. CAP Tulsa is an anti-poverty agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma that embraces a two-generation approach for families, offering Head Start services for children and career training for parents. Faith applied for services for her youngest child, and he was quickly accepted and entered the program.  In November of 2016, Faith learned that CAP’s career training program administered through the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) program, CareerAdvance Visit disclaimer page , was recruiting for the Dental Assistant health track. This was a career path Faith had always been interested in, so nervously, she applied for the program.

The day after she applied, Faith received a call letting her know when her orientation would begin. That was the start of her acceptance into the CareerAdvance program. Faith started attending classes at a technical school while her son attended a CAP Tulsa early childhood education center. Throughout this time, she received intensive, high-quality social and financial support thanks to HPOG’s CareerAdvance Program. Faith completed CareerAdvance’s Dental Assistant training in November of 2017. She stands today as a proud mom, student, and future dental assistant. She is no longer a victim of her past, but a victor of her future.

While Faith’s journey on her healthcare career track is just beginning, she has already come farther than she ever dreamed.

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