HPOG Success Story: Josselin at Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County

Publication Date: February 5, 2018

Josselin smiling

Seattle, WA

Josselin at Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County Health Workforce for the Future

Adopting a confident attitude can turn negative stress into positive energy.

Josselin Maceda transformed the negative forces in her life into inspiration that fueled her passion to succeed. Her engagement with the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County Visit disclaimer page is a true Health Profession Opportunity Grant (HPOG) program success story.

In late spring 2016, Josselin was about to finish high school in King County, Washington. As a young female immigrant who came from a background of poverty and struggle, Josselin knew she faced challenges, but she also knew her past experiences had given her the resilience and desire to expect something great out of life. With a focus on the future, Josselin began to explore her career options.  She heard that a local HPOG program, the Health Workforce for the Future (HWF), was recruiting young adults for a special HWF training cohort. Known as Health Exploration for Youth (HEY), the cohort program was designed to provide hands-on healthcare career exploration, basic academic skills development, and an orientation to college.

Josselin enrolled in the HEY program in July 2016 and immediately felt encouraged and inspired. The program provided a blueprint for success that helped her explore a variety of career options in the medical field and choose the one that was best for her. It also gave Josselin a taste of the college experience and how to survive and thrive in that environment. After completing the HEY program, Josselin continued to work with her HWF Navigator and began the pre-requisite coursework required for a nursing degree. She participated in field trips to get a feel for the real-world environment of healthcare. Eventually, Josselin was certified in NSC Blood-borne and Air-borne Pathogens, basic life support, and Heart Saver First Aid, which helped lay the groundwork for her next academic step.

Josselin enrolled in nursing assistant (NAC) training to both fulfill a required nursing pre-requisite and obtain access to a living wage and employment experience as she continues on her career pathway. Josselin successfully completed NAC training at the end of March of 2017, and has turned her attention to finding the right job as she continues her journey.

Josselin says that journey hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been difficult either, thanks to HPOG.

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