HPOG Success Story: Julio at Hostos Community College

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

Bronx, NY

Allied Health Career Pipeline Program

HPOG participant brings aid to nursing home struck by COVID-19

As a single father, Julio struggled for many years to provide for his children. He worked whatever jobs he could find, from cashier to cook to bike messenger, but wanted more. None of those positions offered job security or a clear career path to do better for his family. In short, he was stuck.

Tragedy befell Julio when one of his daughters passed away due to a genetic heart disease. Julio was devastated by the loss, but also found a sense of purpose in his misfortune. “Moving forward from my daughter’s passing, I wanted to make a difference by supporting families and serving my community through tragedies,” he recalls. Julio decided a career in healthcare would be a fitting way to honor the memory of his daughter while providing a better life for his family.

During this time, Julio received assistance from the New York Human Resources Administration. During a visit, he learned about the Allied Health Career Pipeline Program Visit disclaimer page offered through Hostos Community College. They offer free healthcare training and career services to help eligible students obtain employment in the healthcare professions. Julio immediately registered for the program and began Certified Nursing Assistant training in January of 2020.

While in school, Julio still had to care and provide for his three children. The Pipeline Program made this possible through its various support activities. They provided him with weekly MetroCards to cover the cost of transportation to and from training. They offered childcare assistance which allowed Julio to focus on his studies. Perhaps most importantly of all, they provided the emotional support he needed to overcome his obstacles and achieve his educational goals.

Julio’s favorite instructor played an important role in his success. She not only taught him the necessary skills to become a competent healthcare professional, but also helped him better understand the realities of the job. With her encouragement and help from the Pipeline Program, Julio successfully completed his class and clinicals. In March 2020, Julio passed his certification exam and was ready to begin his healthcare career.

The Pipeline Program connected Julio to various employers and agencies throughout the city. Within a month, he secured employment with a nursing home near his home. Julio is working with all kinds of patients, including those infected with COVID-19. In the future, he hopes to become a Registered Nurse.

“The Pipeline Program was attentive to my needs while working as a single parent and a student. I’m very grateful for having the support system.”

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