HPOG Success Story: Orisha at Hostos Community College

Publication Date: December 13, 2017

Orisha smilingFinding the right conduit to success is all about finding the right current to carry you there.

Orisha Ali’s New York City life left her feeling like she was swimming upstream. Fortunately, she found her own conduit to success — a pipeline to her personal goals — through The Pipeline Program Visit disclaimer page , funded by the Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) Program.

Prior to entering the program, Orisha was treading water, making just above minimum wage at a retail store. The job left her barely able to get by in the big city and yearning for something more fulfilling. Orisha’s desire for something better was tempered by her uncertainty about how to find it.

Hope and encouragement for Orisha came from her mother who made her aware of Hostos Community College’s Allied Health Career Pipeline Program (The Pipeline Program). In June 2016, Orisha was accepted into the program and started training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The course was challenging, but Orisha was not alone in her journey through The Pipeline Program. She received not just academic help, but also material, logistical, and emotional support.

“The Pipeline staff and instructors kept me motivated,” says Orisha. “Even when I doubted myself, the staff inspired me. There was always someone I could talk to when I needed help. The transportation assistance helped me save money while I was struggling financially. Getting to school was one less thing for me to worry about while I was trying to improve my life.”

Upon passing the New York State Certification Exam, the Pipeline Program’s career services team assisted Orisha in finding employment. Orisha is currently working as a CNA, and in early 2017, she started training to become a Patient Care Technician (PCT). “I plan to continue in the medical field as far as it can take me,” explains Orisha. Indeed, thanks to HPOG, Orisha has entered a pipeline that will carry her as far as she wants to go.

“The Pipeline staff and instructors kept me motivated. Even when I doubted myself, the staff inspired me.”

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