HPOG Success Story: Zoe at Pima Community College

Publication Date: August 30, 2021

Tucson, AZ

Health Career Opportunities with Personalized Educational Supports (HOPES)

Zoe is married with children and was unable to able to afford healthcare training.

When: Re-Enrolled: 2020; Employed: 2021
She started with the Health Career Opportunities with Personalized Educational Supports (HOPES) Visit disclaimer page program in 2015 and completed a behavioral health certification. After working in behavioral health for a few years, Zoe decided to re-enroll in a medical assistant (MA) program in July 2020. She took a short break but is due to complete her MA training in Fall 2021 and is currently employed.

Why: Inspired by Mom
Zoe’s mother was a HPOG participant and inspired her to join the program. It was tough to start training because she had seven children at home along with her husband and four pets. She stayed motivated by picturing herself in scrubs and helping kids in the hospital.

Where: Tucson, AZ
She completed healthcare training at the Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ. She obtained employment at Homer Davis Elementary School.

What: Medical Assistant
Zoe received supportive services such as job search and tuition assistance, professionalism and communication workshops, and received help obtaining CPR/First Aid certification. While she works to wrap up her MA training, Zoe is working as a health aide earning $14 per hour.

“Without HPOG there is no way I would have been able to afford school. My family is very proud of me and it gives me a purpose and an end goal. I want to keep going after I finish my Medical Assisting training. HPOG has not only supported me financially but check in on me and have always been behind me to help.” - Zoe

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