Interim Head Start Services

In communities throughout the country where the local Head Start or Early Head Start program can no longer operate, the Office of Head Start (OHS) Interim Management provides Head Start services. This happens when the entity who had been providing Head Start services has relinquished their funding, is under suspension, or has had its grant terminated by OHS.

OHS makes every effort to support continuity of Head Start services when existing grantees are no longer operational. OHS Interim Management provides administration and oversight of the day-to-day Head Start and Early Head Start services while providing the least disruption possible to children, families, and staff.

Families Are Our First Priority

Children enrolled in Head Start programs with the previous grantee continue to be enrolled under OHS Interim Management. With the cooperation of the previous grantee, child files and family contact information, as well as waitlists, can be transferred to OHS Interim Management, minimizing the burden on the family.

A new Policy Council will be elected soon after OHS Interim Management begins to run the program. The responsibilities of the previously elected Policy Council and the former grantee’s board of directors will end. A separate governance structure and a new Policy Council will be elected using the administrative processes of the OHS Interim Management bylaws. Elections will be held through the parent committees and in accordance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards.

The contribution of parents and community members will continue to be highly valuable. The OHS Interim Management needs the input and support of parents and community to develop a high-quality program.

Local Staff Are Essential

The Office of Head Start recognizes that consistency in staff is advantageous for children. The existing staff maintain critical relationships with children, families, and community partners. OHS Interim Management is often supported by a contractor who generally hires qualified staff to positions similar to what they held under the previous grantee.

OHS Interim Management often assigns a Site Manager, Lead Site Manager, a Program Director, and a team of content area specialists to support program operations, staff development, and progress in meeting all Head Start Performance Standards.

With cooperation from the previous grantee, OHS Interim Management usually comes onsite to speak directly with staff about opportunities for employment. An orientation and job fair is held where potential applicants can learn about new terms and conditions of employment and decide whether they want to apply for a position. An offer of employment is not promised nor is it guaranteed. If offered employment, it is the applicant’s choice whether to accept the offer; this is not automatic.

Upon offer of employment, each employee will receive an organizational chart showing Head Start positions and supervisors for each position. Early in the OHS Interim Management’s administration of the program, the structure is evaluated to ensure it is sufficient for optimal program operations. Sometimes the organizational chart is amended to meet the needs of the program, based on the size and scope of the program and its ability to meet the budget.

The employee’s new employer is the entity contracted to provide OHS Interim Management in that community. This contractor is often, but not always, Community Development Institute Head Start.

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Vendors Support Our Mission

Vendor services are essential to continued Head Start program operations. Establishing and maintaining accounts in good standing is a priority for OHS Interim Management. OHS Interim Management has no legal or historic relationship to the prior grantee. As a new entity, OHS Interim Management needs to have a new account number and a new contract in the name of the entity providing OHS Interim Management. Community Development Institute Head Start (CDI Head Start) is often the entity which provides OHS Interim Management.

All vendors with whom OHS Interim Management is interested in contracting for services will be contacted via phone and letter of interest. Establishment of these accounts and contracts will be initiated upon commencement of operations.

OHS Interim Management is not liable for, nor is it permitted to issue, payments for expenses incurred by the prior grantee. Any matters related to outstanding bills and debt need to be addressed with the entity sponsoring the Head Start program at the time those expenses were incurred. OHS Interim Management will pay vendors with established accounts after the official start date for OHS Interim Management operations.

Community Partnerships Remain a Cornerstone

Community partners are a cornerstone of successful interim operations. OHS Interim Management will continue to work with community partners who have relationships with Head Start and Early Head Start programs. OHS Interim Management will establish new contracts and agreements for partnerships with entities and individuals who can support Head Start and Early Head Start services. OHS Interim Management will contact existing community partners to discuss the establishment of service.

Current Updates for Service Areas under OHS Interim Management

The Office of Head Start Interim Management has operations in several communities. Find key information for families and staff below:

Media Contacts

Our communities look to the media for accurate and up-to-date information. Please contact or 202-401-9215 for information regarding OHS Interim Management.

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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) About Interim Management

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