Strengthening a Family

couple sitting in a classroomFelicia and Jake Bowen decided to take a couples workshop offered by their son’s Head Start center. While they found the experience emotionally difficult, it was a perfect setting in which to explore and resolve issues that plagued their relationship, such as substance abuse, financial planning, child rearing, and conflict management.

Each week the couple practiced the skills they learned at the workshop. Although at first it seemed odd to communicate with each other differently, the Bowens noticed that gradually they were communicating more effectively. They used the same techniques to resolve conflicts with their children, who responded extremely well. In time, the Bowen family began to create a happier household.

The Bowens are part of a three year follow up of workshop participants. They are weathering the strains of a new baby and a slowdown in Jack’s construction work through open communication, setting goals, and teamwork. The Bowen children now know what it means to grow up in a family that is striving to be functional and healthy.

June 5, 2019