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Jorge's Fatherhood Success Story

Father holding toddler 280x 210When Jorge was growing up, he believed that a father’s job was solely to provide financially for his family. His father had left the family when Jorge was 3 years old. It wasn’t until his own daughter began attending a Davis County School District Early Head Start program in Kaysville, UT that he realized the importance of his role as a father and the impact he could have in his children's lives.

At his very first Head Start fatherhood workshop, Jorge had a realization about what it means to be a committed, involved father. He began to reprioritize his life so that he could spend more time with his kids. Because of that class, Jorge said, “I got more interested in the day-to-day activities of my daughter.”

Now, even after a long day at work, he makes sure to spend quality one-on-one time with both of his children. Their favorite activities include reading together, dress-up, and tea parties with dad. When Jorge works at night, he calls at bedtime to wish his children sweet dreams and sing favorite songs he remembers from his childhood.

It is not surprising that Jorge received his Head Start program’s “Father of the Year” award. When asked how much her father loves her, Jorge’s daughter smiled and replied, “all the way to the stars, moon, and back!”

June 5, 2019