U.S. Repatriation Program Temporary Assistance and Extension Request Form

Form RR-07

Publication Date: January 8, 2020

The Temporary Assistance and Extension Request Form (RR-07) allows individuals with an open repatriation case who are determined to be handicapped in attaining self-support or self-care for such reasons as age, disability, and lack of educational preparation as defined by 45 CFR 211 & 212 to request additional time for repayment of repatriation services.

Applicants must submit this form with all applicable supporting evidence. Final eligibility determinations are made by authorized HHS Repatriation Program staff. Timely submission is highly recommended, at least two weeks prior to the last eligibility date. Applications submitted after the eligibility period may not be reviewed and will generally result in ineligibility. Failure to provide all supporting documents may result in denial and/or delays. No retroactive services are provided through the repatriation program.

Who should complete this form? Below is a list of who can sign this form:

  • Only those who fall within the above eligibility requirement
  • Adults applying for themselves
  • Adults applying on behalf of themselves and dependents
  • Adult representative of a minor child (parent, guardian, or legal representative)
  • Adult representative of a mentally or physically impaired adult


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