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States activated by OHSEPR for emergency repatriation use form RR-08 to request assistance from the federal government.

U.S. Repatriation Emergency and Group Processing Form - RR-01

The Emergency and Group Repatriation Financial Form: Expenditure Statement for Reimbursement form (RR-02) should be completed by the state designated agency and ACF authorized support agency to request reimbursement of reasonable and allowable costs incurred as a result of (1) ACF activation of the State Emergency Repatriation Plan (SERP), or (2) ACF interagency agreement, or similar mechanism, in support of an emergency or group repatriation.

The Non-Emergency Monthly Financial Statement Form  will be used by the state agency and/or authorized ACF providers to report expenditures and claim reimbursement for assistance furnished to individual repatriation cases referred by ACF or its grantee in the United States (U.S.) contingent to the provisions found under the Public Law 86-571 and/or Public Law 87-64, as amended, and policies issued thereunder.

The  U.S. Repatriation Program Temporary Assistance and Extension Request Form (RR-07) allows individuals with an open repatriation case who are determined to be handicapped in attaining self-support or self-care for such reasons as age, disability, and lack of educational preparation as defined by 45 CFR 211 & 212 to request additional time for repayment of repatriation services.

The Repatriation Loan Waiver and Deferral Request Form (Form RR-03) is to be completed by individuals who have received temporary assistance through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Repatriation Program, and want to request a waiver or deferral of their repatriation loan.

All financial, medical, transportation and other temporary assistance provided through the repatriation program must be repaid, unless a waiver is granted by an authorized HHS officer. Form RR-05 requires recipients to acknowledge privacy and repayment obligations.

Refusal of Temporary Assistance Form (Form RR-06) allows citizens to opt out of receiving temporary assistance after being provided with information about the U.S. Repatriation Program in connection with their return to the United States.