FY 21 Congressional Budget Justification

Publication Date: February 10, 2021

The FY 2021 ACF budget includes legislative proposals to facilitate that participation by promoting work, building strong families, promoting strong social networks, and achieving efficiencies and reducing waste. The ACF Budget maintains and builds upon reforms proposed in the FY 2020 President’s Budget.

This budget includes a $1 billion competitive Child Care fund aimed at building the supply of care for underserved populations and stimulating employer investment. For Foster Care, this request includes a new proposal providing more flexibility for prevention services and a demonstration incentive project aimed at improving child permanency and well-being outcomes.

The budget also provides supports to allow parents and caregivers to build or maintain their independence and self-sufficiency while ensuring their children receive high-quality care and early education. This budget demonstrates a commitment to early childhood outcomes by continuing to fund Head Start and Child Care at historically high levels. In addition, this budget preserves funding for services to at-risk children and families in need, including victims of child abuse and neglect and victims of family violence.

This budget also improves enforcement tools to engage more parents in payment of child support. This budget includes several proposals that support the Administration’s goal of reducing duplication and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of federal benefit spending programs. This budget proposes to eliminate funding for programs that have not demonstrated strong performance outcomes, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, the Social Services Block Grant, the Community Services Block Grant, the Community Economic Development program, and the Rural Communities Facilities program.