ACF Data Governance Consulting and Support

The purpose of this project is to provide information gathering, analysis, consultation, and technical support to OPRE and its partners to strengthen data governance practices within ACF offices, and between ACF and its partners at the federal, state, local, and Tribal levels. Data governance includes all aspects of data handling and use throughout the data lifecycle including collection, cleaning, quality assurance, documentation, storage, security, access, privacy protection, use, archiving, and destruction.

Initial work will focus particularly on the following areas:

  • data asset tracking and metadata management;
  • data quality assurance;
  • data disclosure review practices; and
  • data linking and integration for research at all levels of government.

Optional work in out years would follow up on the initial findings in those areas, and work in other dimensions of data governance such as those described above. OPRE has contracted with SRI International, with subcontracts to AnLar and WestEd, to conduct this work.

The points of contact are Brett Brown and Valeria Butler.