Evaluation of Community Based Job Retention Programs, 1997-2000

The Evaluation of Community Based Job Retention Programs project included two phases. In Phase 1, the project provided a detailed implementation analysis and short-term outcome findings for participants receiving various mixes of job retention and post-employment services. The services were provided to about 700 employed TANF recipients through 5 community based neighborhood service organizations in Pittsburgh, which received funding from The Pittsburgh Foundation under a program called GAPS. A common set of services were provided but within the context of somewhat different existing service delivery systems among the community organizations. Phase 2 included examination of state funded job retention and advancement programs.

The major research questions include: (1) Can post-employment services help newly employed TANF recipients maintain employment? (2) What organizational features were important to successful delivery of job retention services? (3) What lessons can be learned about strategies to promote retention and advancement?

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