Improving Use of Administrative Data, 2018-2019

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to develop recommendations and strategies that ACF can pursue to increase data accessibility, data sharing, and use of its administrative data resources for research and purposes. Particular attention is being given to OPRE, and within OPRE, the Division on Data and Improvement, identifying what activities it should undertake with other OPRE divisions and the ACF offices in order to fulfill its mission.

The project will rely on the review of existing agency work plans, project descriptions and other relevant documents; interviews with DDI staff, OPRE working groups and leadership, and staff in select ACF program offices; and will draw on best practices from throughout the federal government in making its recommendations. The final report (in-house) is due in early spring, 2019.

The contractor is MITRE’s CMS Alliance to Modernize HealthCare FFRDC.