PREP Studies of Performance Measures and Adulthood Preparation Subjects


The Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Studies of Performance Measures and Adulthood Preparation Subjects (PMAPS) project is composed of two key components — one related to performance measures for PREP, and one related to adulthood preparation subjects (APS). The project serves multiple purposes — to revise measures used for PREP grantee reporting of performance data; to collect, analyze, and report on performance data; to create a performance dashboard tool that supports stakeholders in monitoring data quality and performance related to the PREP programs; and, to develop APS conceptual models.

The PREP Performance Measures Study (PM) will support PREP-funded programs in developing, collecting, and reporting on meaningful performance measures that communicate the PREP programs’ mission and priorities. It will analyze data from those measures to determine if grantees and the PREP program overall are meeting performance benchmarks, and to provide information to grantees about their performance.

The PREP Adulthood Preparation Subjects Conceptual Models Study (APS) will conduct a review of PREP grantees’ APS programming, and develop conceptual models that demonstrate how inclusion of APS can enhance or expand on the outcomes for youth participating in PREP programs.

Mathematica Policy Research was awarded this contract. PMAPS is a collaborative effort between OPRE and the Family and Youth Services Bureau, both within the Administration for Children and Families.

Point(s) of contact: Tia Brown and Caryn Blitz

Information collections related to this project have been reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs under OMB #0970-0497. Related materials are available on at the PMAPS Information collection page on Visit disclaimer page .

The most currently approved document are accessible by clicking on the ICR Ref. No. with the most recent conclusion date. To access the information collections (E.g. interviews, surveys, protocols), click on View Information Collection (IC) List. Click on View Supporting Statement and Other Documents to access other supplementary documents.

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