Professional Development Tools to Improve the Quality of Infant & Toddler Care (Q-CCIIT PD Tools), 2015 - 2022

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The Q-CCIIT PD Tools project developed a research-based professional development system called We Grow Together. As part of We Grow Together, teachers and caregivers work with their professional development providers (mentors, coaches, supervisors) using resources delivered on an interactive website. The resources include training videos, materials, and exercises targeting the same principles and practices assessed by the Q-CCIIT observation tool: support for socioemotional, language and literacy, and cognitive development. This project conducted a field test to examine the implementation of We Grow Together with teachers and caregivers of infants and toddlers and their professional development providers in Early Head Start, family child care, and community-based child care settings.

The field test sought to address the following research questions:

  1. What tools and supports help early childhood professionals use We Grow Together’s responsive caregiving principles to improve caregiver-child interactions?
  2. Can WGT be used by early childhood professionals to support change in beliefs, knowledge, or practice concerning infants and toddlers?

This project is led by Mathematica (Louisa Tarullo as Project Director, Shannon Monahan, and Sally Atkins-Burnett).

Point(s) of contact: Ann Rivera and Jenessa Malin

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We Grow Together (WGT) is a professional development (PD) system for caregivers working with infants and toddlers in center-based care and family child care homes. Caregivers are supported in planning and using the WGT practices through relationship- and practice-based coaching from a trained local PD provider who can be a coach, supervisor, mentor, or anyone else who provides ongoing PD. WGT is based on nationally recommended best practices for interacting with infants and toddlers that are measured with the Q-CCIIT observational tool.