Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Performance Analysis Study


The Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Performance Analysis Study (SRAE PAS) seeks to collect performance measures data from SRAE program participants and providers that will allow both the program office and grantees to monitor and report on progress in implementing SRAE programs. Primary activities include support to grantees to collect and submit performance measures, the development of an SRAE Performance Measures Portal for performance measures submission, and development of a Performance Dashboard for use by grantees and the program office for continuous quality improvement. These data will provide ACF with up-to-date information on youth participant characteristics, service receipt, perceived influences of the programs, and on program infrastructure, reach and scope, program content, and technical assistance needs.

Public Strategies was awarded this contract. SRAE PAS is a collaborative effort between OPRE and the Family and Youth Services Bureau, both within the Administration for Children and Families.

Point(s) of contact: Caryn Blitz and Selma Caal.