Study of State and County Responses to the Family Formation and Pregnancy Prevention Policy Goals of PRWORA 1996, 2001-2002

In the context of a larger study examining welfare reform, this project provided an analysis of the implementation of family formation and pregnancy prevention policies in 26 counties within 18 States. In addition, the study provided an examination of the political environment shaping response to these policy goals. This was a qualitative, descriptive cross-State and -county study.

The major research questions addressed in this study include: (1) What role did the four reproductive and marital goals of the TANF program play in the development of States’ initial welfare reform legislation, planning and subsequent legislation? (2) What are the major policies and programs operating in each State—using TANF or MOE funds—addressing these goals? (3) What has been the response of local administrators to the States’ policies and programs promoting these four goals?