TANF Caseload Composition and Leavers, 2005-2007

This study, TANF Caseload Composition and Leavers Synthesis Report, summarized current knowledge on two questions concerning the TANF caseload and those leaving TANF (i.e. leavers): 1) How do the characteristics of the TANF caseload compare with the TANF/AFDC caseload approximately 5 and 10 years ago? In particular, is the caseload more or less disadvantaged than in the past, particularly with respect to employability?; and 2) How do the characteristics and outcomes for families that recently left the TANF rolls compare with families on TANF, and with families that left the rolls approximately 5 and 10 years ago? The report both synthesized recent literature and utilized secondary analyses from three national-level data sets.

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