Tribal Research Center on Early Childhood Development and Systems

The Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation awarded a 5-year cooperative agreement for the Tribal Research Center for Early Childhood Development and Systems (TRC). The TRC will provide leadership and collaboration to promote excellence in community-based participatory research and evaluation of ACF early childhood initiatives that serve tribal communities. Settings include home visiting programs, early care and education center-based programs, home-based and family child care providers, and Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

The TRC will:

  1. conduct research to identify needs and/or develop effective practices and integrated systems for ACF early childhood initiatives in tribal communities;
  2. identify, validate, and/or develop measures of culturally meaningful inputs, implementation processes, and proximal and distal outcomes of those programs;
  3. establish peer-learning communities for tribal research on areas of shared priority;
  4. provide training and professional development to facilitate interest and competencies in research relevant to early childhood initiatives in tribal communities;
  5. provide forums to increase cultural competence and sensitivity to tribal voices in research and evaluation; and
  6. strategically share and disseminate the work widely.

The cooperative agreement was awarded to the University of Colorado, Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health; the Harvard University, Brazelton Touchpoints Center; the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for American Indian Health (JHU); the Michigan State University, University Outreach and Engagement; and Child Trends. These four university partners are joined by one organizational partner: Child Trends (CT).

Point(s) of contact: Nicole Denmark and Meryl Barofsky.