2020-2025 Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Scholars Network (FSSRN) Grantees

Publication Date: June 5, 2020
This is the cover for 2020-2025 Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Scholars Network (FSSRN) Grantees

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The Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Scholars Network (the FSSRN) supports independent researchers working to enhance and improve family self-sufficiency research at the state and local levels. The FSSRN promotes productive partnerships between social science scholars (the grantee’s Principal Investigators, or PIs) and state or local human services agencies. As such, grantees’ PIs have a partnership with one or more state or local human services agency responsible for administering benefits or programming to assist and support family self-sufficiency, including close coordination with the agency responsible for administering the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, as an integral part of their research plan development and execution. In addition to supporting the PI to pursue their individual programs of rigorous and relevant research, grantee organizations must also support PIs in participating in a multidisciplinary learning community by collaborating with other members of the FSSRN funded through the grant.

The current cohort of FSSRN grants were awarded in January 2020 for a 60-month project period. The projects (active in 2020-2025) are summarized in this chart.

Key Findings and Highlights

Below are the five scholar’s proposed projects, described in more detail in this chart:

  • The Regents of the University of California Berkeley, School of Social Welfare
    • PI: Yu-Ling Chang, Ph.D.
    • Project Title: Racial Equity in the TANF Service Delivery Path to Family Stability and Self-Sufficiency
  • Duke University, Sanford School of Public Policy
    • PI: Anna Gassman-Pines, Ph.D.
    • Project Title: Local Criminal Justice Reform Efforts: Effects on Employment, Self-Sufficiency, and Family Well-Being
  • Rutgers University, The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
    • PI: Andrea Hetling, Ph.D
    • Project Title: Family and Economic Stability: Examining TANF as a Supportive Program
  • Wayne State University, School of Social Work
    • PI: Kristina Nikolova, Ph.D
    • Project Title: TANF Program and Policy Implementation in Michigan: Building State Capacity for Program Assessment to Promote Family Self-Sufficiency
  • Oregon State University, College of Public Health, School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
    • PI: David Rothwell, MSW, Ph.D
    • Project Title: Paid Family Leave and Family Self-Sufficiency: Evidence from Oregon


Wright, Nicole and Kristin Abner (2020). Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Scholars Network (FSSRN) grantees. Washington, DC: Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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