The Building Strong Families Project: Initial Implementation of a Couples - Focused Employment Program

Publication Date: October 15, 2010


Being in a marital or couple relationship can have a powerful impact on the decisions an individual makes. But as currently implemented, social service programs often target individuals, frequently overlooking how those they serve are influenced by their relationships and how those relationships may help or hinder achievement of a program’s goals. For example, employment programs often target individuals, even though employment problems affect not only individuals but also their families and the individual’s relationship with his or her partner, if present. A program’s efforts to address an individual’s employment problems may affect those relationships, and the family’s response may affect the individual’s success–and, in turn, the program’s success–in addressing the employment issues. In contrast, recently developed healthy relationship and marriage education programs enroll couples, but these programs focus primarily on the couple’s relationship and typically do not provide services to directly address other challenges the couple may face.

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