A Compilation of Initiatives to Support Home-Based Child Care

Publication Date: March 31, 2010


This compilation provides brief profiles of a wide range of initiatives, either currently underway or recently implemented, to support quality in home-based child care. It is the result of an extensive scan for information on existing and recent initiatives that are no longer in operation to examine the breadth and depth of strategies aimed at supporting home-based child care. It includes initiatives developed for licensed family child care and family, friend, and neighbor care.

Its purpose is twofold. First, the profiles provide information about the range of initiatives and the variety of strategies that can be useful to policymakers, program administrators, and practitioners interested in supporting this population of child care providers. Second, it is the first step in developing a compendium of the most promising strategies for supporting quality in home-based care. The compendium contains in-depth profiles of a subset of initiatives contained in this compilation.

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