A Descriptive Study of the Head Start Health Component, Volume III Qualitative Data

Publication Date: December 15, 1995


Volume III of the Final Report for A Descriptive Study of the Head Start Health Component contains information that is too detailed for inclusion into Volumes I or II as well as open-ended responses from Head Start staff and parents that were transcribed following the completion of the data collection activities. Inclusion of these data in Volumes I and II would have resulted in an inefficient presentation that would have detracted from the major findings of the study.

This volume provides interested individuals with the opportunity to review data on activities such as staff responsibilities and training, which, although summarized in the earlier volumes, were too detailed to present in a comprehensive manner. This volume also allows readers a chance to read and review the comments of almost 1200 Head Start parents and over 200 Head Start staff members who work with the Health Component. Many studies allow respondents to make comments regarding the focus or object of the study, yet these comments are rarely made available to the individuals who review the study results. Often, these open-ended comments are as informative as the quantitative data that are subjected to statistical analyses, and the comments may reveal new perspectives and issues that could be addressed in future research studies. Respondent comments in this study were transcribed, and in some cases, subjected to content analyses, the results of which are presented in the earlier volumes. In Volume III, comments in response to open-ended questions are presented as the interviewers reported them, and without interpretation. Tape recorders were not used during the data collection, so the transcriptions are based only on the interviewers’ notes. It is anticipated that the readers will approach the comments of Head Start staff and parents with different perspectives and intentions, and that they will apply their own interpretations to these data.

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