Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project (EHSREP): 1996-2010 Measures Compendium

Publication Date: March 1, 2017


This measures compendium provides a single source for information about the measures used throughout the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Project (EHSREP). EHSREP followed 3,001 families in 17 Early Head Start program sites. The children and families in these sites were randomly assigned to receive Early Head Start services or to be in a control group who could utilize any community services except Early Head Start.

The report describes the EHSREP data sets, available documentation,  and measures used to create variables for the public use data files.

Appendix A of the report contains detailed descriptions of the measures including:

  • measure citations;
  • publisher psychometrics and permissions;
  • the phases in which each measure was used, and;
  • information on the scales or variables in the data set derived from these measures.
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