Family-Provider Relationship Quality: Review of Conceptual and Empirical Literature of Family-Provider Relationships

Publication Date: November 26, 2012


The purpose of this literature review is to identify key elements of family-provider relationships in early care and education settings that can be measured in order to assess the quality of those relationships. This review has been undertaken in preparation for the development of a new measure of the quality of family-provider relationships, as part of the Family-Provider Relationship Quality (FPRQ) project. Intended as a companion document for a review of existing measures assessing family-provider relationships (Porter, Guzman, Kuhfeld, Caal, Rodrigues, Moodie, Chrisler, & Ramos, 2012), this literature review (1) presents, compares, and contrasts current conceptualizations of family-provider relationships across fields and existing perspectives related to early care and education; (2) proposes a conceptual model that identifies key elements of the family-provider relationship with the purpose of shaping future measure development; (3) reviews existing literature within the framework of the proposed conceptual model; and (4) provides a summary of the reviewed research and suggestions for future research on this topic.

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