Family-Provider Relationship Quality: Review of Existing Measures of Family-Provider Relationships

Publication Date: November 26, 2012


The purpose of this review is to guide the development of a new measure of the quality of family-provider relationships in early care and education settings. This review provides a summary of existing instruments from various fields that examine family-provider relationships; identifies methodological, conceptual, and logistical issues related to producing a measure of the quality of these relationships; and identifies gaps as well as promising approaches and items for measuring these relationships in the context of the constructs and elements that are articulated in the FPRQ conceptual model. It has been conducted as part of the Family-Provider Relationship Quality (FPRQ) project, and is intended as a companion document for the review of the theoretical and empirical literature on family-provider relationships (Forry, Bromer, Chrisler, Rothenberg, Simkin, & Daneri, 2012).

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