Head Start Graduate Student Research Grants: 2019 Grantees

Publication Date: July 19, 2021
First page of "Head Start Graduate Student Research Program: 2019 Research Scholars."

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The Head Start Graduate Student Research Grants program is designed to build research capacity in and knowledge of effective early childhood interventions with low-income children and families. The grant program does this by providing support for dissertation research conducted by graduate students working in partnership with local Head Start or Early Head Start programs.

The immediate goals of the grant program are to:

  1. support the completion of high quality research projects directed at the current concerns of Head Start and Early Head Start programs and policy makers;
  2. encourage research with Head Start and Early Head Start populations;
  3. emphasize the importance of developing working research partnerships with Head Start and Early Head Start programs, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the applied research work;
  4. promote mentor-student relationships that provide project supervision in the field and support students' professional development; and
  5. support active communication, networking and collaboration among the group of grantee graduate students, their mentors, and policymakers.

The FY2019 Head Start Graduate Student Research Scholars are:

Graduate Student

Project Title


Principal Investigator/ Faculty Mentor

Jennifer K. Duer

A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Effects of Early Head Start

University of California- Irvine

Dr. Jade M. Jenkins

Kelsey McCoy

Learning Social and Emotional Skills in Head Start: Influence of Familial Risk Factors and Classroom Characteristics

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. David J. Hansen

Lillie Moffett

Math and Executive Functioning Circle-Time Games: A Coaching Framework with Head Start Teachers

University of Michigan

Dr. Frederick Morrison

Shannon M. Warren

Head Start Home-Classroom (Dis)Continuity and Children's Self-Regulation

University of Arizona

Dr. Melissa A. Barnett

Bethany Williams

Association Between Health-Enhancing Community Environment and Early Childhood Education Classroom Health Practices

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Dr. Susan Sisson

Katherine A. Zambrana

Building Bridges: A Brief School Readiness Intervention Designed to Guide Families Transitioning from Early Head Start to Head Start

Florida International University

Dr. Katie Hart