Early Care and Education Research Scholars: Head Start Dissertation Grants: 2020 Grantees

Publication Date: February 19, 2020
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The Early Care and Education Research Scholars: Head Start Dissertation Grants program is designed to build research capacity in and knowledge of effective early childhood interventions with low-income children and families. The grant program does this by providing support for dissertation research conducted by graduate students working in partnership with local Head Start or Early Head Start programs.

The immediate goals of the grant program are to:

  1. build capacity in the early care and education field by supporting high-quality dissertation research and student-faculty collaboration and mentorship;
  2. conduct rigorous research that has the capacity to inform Head Start/Early Head Start programs, policies, and practices;
  3. support active communication, collaboration, and partnerships between researchers and Head Start/Early Head Start programs; and
  4. foster the exchange of current research, ideas, and information among research, policy, and practice communities.

The FY2020 Head Start Dissertation grantees are:

Graduate Student

Project Title


Principal Investigator/ Faculty Mentor

Dominique Levert

Ensuring Young Children Have a Head Start: Transition Practices that Link Early Childhood Education Settings

Lehigh University

Dr. Patricia Manz

Elly Miles

Enhancing Head Start Outcomes via Improved Referral Decisions for

Family Support Programs: Leveraging Administrative Data and Capturing

Family and Practitioner Voice

University of Denver

Dr. Sarah Watamura

Laura Jimenez Parra

Family Child Care: Characteristics, Relationships and Parent and Child Outcomes

University of Maryland

Dr. Brenda Jones Harden

Elica B. Sharifnia

Science in Head Start Classrooms Examining the Relation between Teachers Attitudes and Beliefs, Classroom Practice, and Children's School Readiness

University of Miami

Dr. Daryl B. Greenfield

H. Callie Silver

Illinois Head Start/Early Head Start Program Responses to COVID-19

University of Illinois

Dr. Katherine Zinsser

Craig K. Van Pay

Outcomes Related to Disparities in the Preschool Language Experiences of English Monolinguals and Dual Language Learners in Head Start

Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Dr. Ji Young Choi

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