Healthy Relationship Program Influences: Evidence for Understanding How Healthy Relationship Programs May Influence Intimate Partner Violence

Publication Date: December 15, 2016


This report reviews empirical and theoretical work and expert input to summarize research and theory about any associations between healthy relationship program participation and experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) and teen dating violence (TDV).

The research presented suggests that a range of factors should be considered when conducting healthy relationship program activities and developing (in collaboration with a local domestic violence partner organization) approaches to identifying and addressing IPV/TDV among program participants. Factors to be considered include:

  • approaches to healthy relationship program delivery;
  • the non-IPV outcomes of healthy relationship program participation;
  • participants’ characteristics, and;
  • their current or prior IPV/TDV experiences.

This is the third in a series of papers from the Responding to Intimate Violence in Relationship Programs (RIViR) project, which aims to understand how to best identify and address IPV in the context of healthy relationship programming.

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