Oral Health Promotion, Prevention, & Treatment Strategies for Head Start Families: Early Findings from the Oral Health Initiative Evaluation, Volume II: Site Profiles

Publication Date: September 5, 2007


Community Action Program (CAP) Belknap-Merrimack County provides support services to residents of Belknap and Merrimack counties, particularly low-income individuals. The agency offers services in eight categories: (1) health, (2) transportation, (3) housing, (4) family support and education, (5) employment, (6) elderly care, (7) nutrition, and (8) emergency care. CAP Belknap-Merrimack, a Head Start grantee for over 40 years, works with its neighboring Head Start grantee, Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc. (SNHS) on its Oral Health Initiative (OHI). SNHS is the Community Action Agency for Hillsborough County and offers a range of services similar to those offered by CAP Belknap-Merrimack.

CAP Belknap-Merrimack serves 198 Head Start children and 105 Early Head Start children and pregnant women annually. SNHS serves 299 Head Start children and 64 Early Head Start children and pregnant women annually.

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