Survey of Early Head Start Programs

Publication Date: January 15, 2005


The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) has funded Mathematica Policy Research (MPR), a nationally recognized social policy research company to gather information from all Early Head Start programs. ACF is interested in programs' management practices and program services to inform planning for training and technical assistance as well as for future research. MPR brings to this task experience from conducting the EHS Research and Evaluation Project, which found a broad range of impacts on child development and parent outcomes as well as great variation in service delivery patterns and rates of implementation.

This is the first survey expressly designed for Early Head Start programs and is being sent to all EHS program directors nationwide. In addition, MPR staff will visit 25 programs to gather more in-depth information about these topics. You may recognize some of the questions in the survey as being the same or similar to those that appear on the Program Information Report (PIR). We have tried to keep duplication to a minimum, but some duplication is necessary.

Unlike the PIR, the information you provide in the survey will not be used for accountability purposes. We will not report on individual programs but will report findings in aggregate statistical form (such as “X% of programs offered center-based services” and further, those programs that offered center-based services also had Y characteristics). Information you provide will be treated in a confidential manner to the extent allowable by law.


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