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Design Phase for National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE), 2007-2010

Project Overview

This project (aka Design Phase for National Study of Child Care Supply and Demand) developed sampling and methodology options for a National Survey of Early Care and Education, with special focus on low-income households with children ages birth through age 12-years whose parents are working and receiving cash assistance, are transitioning off cash assistance, or are at risk of needing cash assistance, and on child care and early education programs and providers serving these focal families.  Other deliverables included development of survey instruments that address questions about demand for and utilization of child care and early education, and questions about the characteristics of programs available to families (supply), addressing the limitations of other data collections efforts in this area of inquiry and filling a gap in our knowledge; feasibility test of the proposed design and the survey instruments with the populations of interest; and, a comprehensive literature review, logic model and analyses plan.

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