Exploration of Low-Income Couples' Decision-Making Processes, 2007-2009

Project Overview

This project explored how low-income couples make decisions. Specifically, the project explored, through observational methods, the mechanisms and factors which influence the couple as a unit (as well as the individual partners in low-income couples) as they make decisions on issues of importance to them (e.g. (a) seeking, obtaining, and advancing in employment; (b) living arrangements and relationship status (e.g. marriage/cohabitation); (c) bearing children; (d) arranging child care; or (e) negotiating and determining parental roles and responsibilities). Data from observations were used to hypothesize whether focusing on couples, rather than individuals, could generate more positive results for program interventions. An ancillary purpose of this project was to assess the appropriateness of methods and measures to study decision-making among low-income couples.

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