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Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Scholars Network, 2013-2018

Project Overview

In 2013, OPRE awarded grants to a network of university-based researchers to investigate critical issues in improving family self-sufficiency and stability. The Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Scholars Network supported cooperative agreements with scholars to work independently and collectively on systematic, multidisciplinary examinations of the current gaps in family self-sufficiency and stability research. Scholars pursued individual and collaborative research projects in the area of family self-sufficiency and stability and worked with state and local human services agencies on research and program evaluation activities. Two major areas of focus for the scholars’ collaborative work were (1) instability and public policy and (2) safety net access in the 21st century.

Scholars were:

  • Yumiko Aratani, Columbia University
  • Gregory Fabiano, University at Buffalo, State University of New York
  • Colleen Heflin, Syracuse University
  • Heather Hill, University of Washington
  • Marybeth Mattingly, Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire
  • Jennifer Romich, University of Washington
  • Jodi Sandfort, University of Minnesota

Dissemination products from scholars in this project, including Year-in-Review reports, research briefs, briefs, and short videos accompanied by a viewer’s guide, are archived at

The point of contact is Nicole Deterding.