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Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center, 2013-2019

Project Overview

This cooperative agreement, awarded to Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago in 2013, supported the development, implementation, and ongoing operations of technical assistance to support family self-sufficiency research and administrative data analysis. This center served as a hub to support the development of state and federal capacity for administrative data collection, linkage, and analysis. The goal was to provide practitioners and policymakers access to high-quality information on family self-sufficiency programs.

The Data Center’s technical assistance activities included:

  • Compiling, documenting, and preparing state and federal family self-sufficiency data sources;
  • Designing trainings, individualized consultations, and multi-state collaborative research projects to support agencies’ analysis of administrative data;
  • Developing software, tools, and resources to support administrative data use; and
  • Continuous learning about needs, barriers, and challenges associated with administrative data.

A brief documenting lessons learned from the Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center, with references to resources produced by the effort, can be found on the Chapin Hall PDF.

The point of contact is Nicole Deterding.

  • Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center: Needs Assessment Report

    This report presents findings from a needs assessment conducted by the Family Self-Sufficiency Data Center. As an initial activity, the Data Center obtained input from key stakeholders regarding their current capacity, challenges, and needs with family self-sufficiency data...

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