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Family Strengthening Scholars, 2014-2020

Project Overview

The Family Strengthening Scholars grant program is designed to build research capacity in the healthy marriage/responsible fatherhood field (HM/RF). These grants are to support dissertation research on HM/RF policy issues and are meant to build capacity in the research field to focus research on questions that have direct implications for HM/RF decision-making and program administration. They are intended to focus particularly on underserved/understudied populations, such as low-income families and minority population, utilize rigorous methodology and help inform the development of future intervention research.

The specific goals of the Family Strengthening Scholars grants are:

  1. To address issues of significant relevant to policy decisions related to low-income families in order further the HM/RF field;
  2. To directly support graduate students’ engagement in HM/RF research;
  3. To foster mentoring relationships between faculty members and graduate students who are pursuing doctoral-level research in the HM/RF field; and
  4. To encourage active communication, networking and collaboration among graduate students, their mentors, and other senior family strengthening researchers.

The point of contact for these grants is Kathleen McCoy.

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