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Fatherhood and Marriage Local Evaluation (FaMLE) and Cross-Site Project, 2013-2020

Project Overview

The purpose of the Fatherhood and Marriage Local Evaluation and Cross-Site Project is to support ACF’s third cohort (2015-2020) of Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) grantees through:

  • fostering high quality data collection;
  • strengthening grantee-led local evaluations; and
  • conducting cross-site performance measures analysis.

To accomplish this, OPRE is collaborating closely with the program office and funder, ACF’s Office of Family Assistance, and all HMRF grantees, to:

  • implement a program-specific Management Information System (MIS) it developed called nFORM (Information, Family Outcomes, Reporting, and Management) to collect data using the project’s updated, program-specific performance measures;
  • support 40 grantees and their independent evaluators as they conduct grantee-specific impact or descriptive evaluations of their programs (“local evaluations”); and
  • document how grantees designed and implemented their programs and the reported outcomes for participants in the programs.

Taken together, these activities will further ACF’s understanding of HMRF programs. The project is being conducted by Mathematica Policy Research.

The point of contact is Seth Chamberlain (seth.chamberlain@acf.hhs.gov).

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