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Hispanic Research Work Group, 2011-2014

Project Overview

ACF’s Hispanic Research Work Group brings together experts in a wide range of content areas relevant to ACF’s mission to assist ACF/OPRE in identifying research priorities concerning low-income, Hispanic families.  The group consists primarily of researchers who have substantial experience working with Hispanic communities and/or contribute significant scholarship to the current understanding of social contexts, service needs and service utilization among Hispanic communities in the U.S.  The group also includes practitioners to help ground the discussions in service delivery opportunities and challenges. This effort aims to encourage open dialogue about ACF/OPRE’s ongoing research and how it could better engage and reflect the experiences of Hispanic communities, and to identify priorities for future research that is more inclusive of and culturally responsive to Hispanic communities.

Work Group Members

The following individuals have participated in at least one of the work group meetings convened by ACF since 2011.


Affiliation during work group tenure

Etiony Aldarondo

University of Miami

Margarita Alegría

Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research (CMMHR), Cambridge Health Alliance

Sandra Barrueco

The Catholic University of America

Esther Calzada

New York University School of Medicine

Randolph Capps

Migration Policy Institute

Dina Castro

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ana Mari Cauce

University of Washington

Richard Cervantes

Behavioral Assessment, Inc.

Ajay Chaudry

Urban Institute

Héctor Cordero-Guzmán

Baruch College of The City University of New York (CUNY)

Alan Dettlaff

University of Illinois at Chicago

Blanca Enriquez

Education Service Center- Region 19 Head Start 

Donald Hernandez

Hunter College of The City University of New York (CUNY)

Stan Huey

University Southern California

Alicia La Hoz

Meier Clinic, Chicago

Marielena Lara

University of California, Los Angeles/RAND

Sandy Magañ

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alex Ortega

Temple University

Krista Perreira

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar

University of Illinois at Chicago

Luis Torres

University of Houston

Stephen Trejo 

University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer Van Hook

Pennsylvania State University

Sonia Velázquez

JBS International

Luis Zayas

The University of Texas at Austin

The point of contact is Ann Rivera.

  • Enhancing Cultural Competence in Social Service Agencies: A Promising Approach to Serving Diverse Children and Families

    This research brief summarizes the state of the field on cultural competence in social services. The information is relevant for organizations serving children and families from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, but the brief highlights research and strategies in serving Hispanic populations. The brief describes cultural competence and provides service providers and administrators with concrete strategies for the ongoing self-reflection and development that is key to strengthening...

  • Survey Data Elements to Unpack Diversity of Hispanic Populations

    The grouping "Hispanic" often makes it challenging to observe important social experiences that relate strongly to the needs, service experiences, and outcomes of interest to ACF for various Hispanic subgroups. Existing federal surveys do not consistently collect data to sufficiently examine how Hispanic ethnicity interacts with other socio-cultural experiences or how it relates to specific outcomes. Because current measurement is inadequate to differentiate characteristics within...

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