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Identifying Promising Practices for Helping TANF Recipients with Disabilities Enter and Sustain Employment, 2006-2008

Project Overview

This project explored current strategies to facilitate employment of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) adult recipients living with mental, intellectual and physical disabilities. It examined innovative efforts to promote and support the employment of these individuals. It also explored evaluation issues related to such approaches, assisting ACF in furthering a research agenda focused on TANF recipients with disabilities, and helping ACF address the needs of the states in developing programs to help these recipients to move from welfare to sustained and better employment.

The primary products of this project are a summary report practitioners briefs on promising strategies to facilitate the employment of TANF recipients with disabilities that can be useful to Federal, State, and local officials. The final report also discusses opportunities and challenges for the further development and rigorous evaluation of such approaches, including recommendations for future research.

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