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OPRE Research Dissemination Project, 2010-2012

Project Overview

This contract aims to develop an evidence-informed research dissemination strategy for OPRE to improve the communication and usefulness of research and evaluation findings to targeted audiences. Public Strategies, Inc. was awarded this contract to assist the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation in reviewing the evidence and developing an integrated strategic dissemination plan.

This project centers on a review and synthesis of relevant research about best practices in dissemination, drawing on multiple fields, including but not limited to public health, communications, sociology, business management, and library and information science. The review will subsequently inform the development of a framework integrating the most effective (or promising) methods for disseminating information on research, evaluation, and evidence-based practices to OPRE's multiple stakeholders. These efforts will focus on the audiences of most interest to OPRE: ACF program offices, policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and training/technical assistance providers.

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