TANF and CCDF Research Synthesis, 2009-2012

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Project Overview

The purpose of the TANF and CCDF Research Synthesis Project was to inform research planning and support evidence-based decision making related to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) programs. This project identified important areas and topics where research was needed to inform policy and practice, synthesized and summarized the existing knowledge base on these issues and produced a series of research briefs. The goal was to make the most recent, rigorous and relevant research related to TANF and CCDF available in a format useful for both researchers and policymakers.

Topics covered in the briefs include:

  • Improving employment and earnings for TANF recipients
  • TANF recipients with barriers to employment
  • Changes in the TANF caseload over time
  • Disconnected families and TANF
  • TANF child-only cases
  • TANF work requirements and state strategies to fulfill them
  • TANF and the broader safety net
  • Facilitating post-secondary education and training for TANF recipients
  • How CCDF policies affect providers
  • Research on children's health and safety in child care
  • Client-friendly strategies for CCDF
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